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Browsing Data on the Web via Report Server

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Access to the data server is provided currently through the web and via direct connections to Excel. Using an Internet Explorer web browser you have access to data availability information and you can choose plots and tables to view including scatter plots to explore the data. You can also download the data you are viewing in a wide variety of formats. Step-by-step instructions on accessing data via the web can be found here.

Data Access Through the Web

The data in the data server can be accessed over the network by using a web browser. You will need to use the Internet Explorer browser to access the reports because the reports do not render properly in other browsers such as Firefox. The top set of links on the left menu provide access to the reports. The first one under "Data Reports" is "Static Views". Selecting on "Static Views will pop up a new menu that will allow you to view some basic data availability and data count reports along with a few data charts.

When using these reports choose a set of parameters you would like to view in the top (gray) section of the report using the parameter selection boxes (multiple values can be selected for each item). Once the desired values have been specified, press the "view report" button. Each report is generated dynamically from the data cube or database when you request the report so please be patient since it will likely take a few seconds to generate the report. If you want to download a local copy of the report, use the "export" drop-down menu in the lower left of the gray area. Some annotated figures showing the dynamic reports interface are below.

NOTE: The reports only render correctly in Internet Explorer. We apologize for this inconvenience. Also, in the current implementation of the dynamic reports, you will need to specify a username and password to access the reports. Please contact for user help and support issues.

Figure: An Example Data Availability Report

Figure: Drop-Down Menus for Parameter Selection - The choice of which parameters to use for a report can be made by checking the boxes for the desired selections. Multiple selections can be made in each drop-down menu. To clear a selection, click the box a second time.

Figure: Some of the reports provide a high level view of the data and then allow the viewer to drill down into the data interactively. The figure below shows the "Yearly Average Drill Down Table by Datumtype". The + symbol to the left of each datumtype in the report can be clicked to expand the entry. This expansion continues all the way down to site as is shown for FC in the report below.

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Credits:The research and development of the Scientific Data Server is funded by the Microsoft Corporation.