Global FLUXNET Synthesis Data Server


FLUXNET is a “network of networks” – an umbrella organization for existing carbon-climate collaborations such as CarboeuropeIP, AmeriFlux, or Fluxnet-Canada. In February 2007, at the La Thuile workshop, scientists began to assemble a world-wide carbon-climate field dataset. The dataset originally compiled at the La Thuile workshop contained approximately 600 site-years of data. Since the workshop, the data set has grown to over 960 site-years from over 250 sites in 35 countries. This dataset is expected to expand each year as new data are taken and new sites are deployed. Associated with the time-series data are a number of site properties such as last time of fire or type of vegetation important for the synthesis analyses. More information about the FLUXNET collaboration can be found in the FluxLetter Archive. A map of the FLUXNET towers is also available.

The dataset is currently being used by over 70 paper-writing teams. The American or AmeriFlux subset is also being used by scientists in the North American Carbon Program to integrate with other carbon cycle data sources and models. A newer FLUXNET model synthesis effort is also starting up based on a workshop held in Asilomar.

Example questions include:

The size, complexity, and dynamic nature of the dataset meant that a simple flat file repository was no longer enough. The computer scientists are leveraging SQL Server databases and data cubes to curate and host the dataset for the scientists. The external face to the science community is The site consists of a Sharepoint collaborative portal paired with a scientific data server which holds the SQL database containing the dataset, and a collection of SQL Server Analysis Services data cubes that enable simple data browsing and summary report generation.

This data server and collaborative portal have been developed through a collaboration between the Berkeley Water Center, University of Virginia, and Microsoft Research.

More information about the server is available at the Global FLUXNET Synthesis Data Server

Contact: Fluxdata Support
Credits:The research and development of the La Thuile Global FLUXNET Scientific Data Server is funded by the Microsoft Corporation. This work is also supported by the Director, Office of Science, of the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231.

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